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About Us

Elevating Industry Standards: Our Commitment to Excellence


At Russ Equipment, we are the bridge that connects exceptional engineering with the demands of the Marine & Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries. Established on a foundation of trust, innovation, and service, we take immense pride in representing manufacturers of high-quality engineered products that define excellence in their respective domains.


A Partnership of Trust


As the trusted liaison between manufacturers and industries, Russ Equipment is honored to serve as the exclusive source supplier for Novenco Marine in the United States. Our partnership extends beyond this, as we proudly represent industry giants such as Halton Marine, Geopal, Walter Roller, and American Air Filter. These names are synonymous with cutting-edge innovation and unwavering quality, values that mirror our own.

Driving Progress, Powering Industry


Our involvement in the Fast Response Cutter program for the United States Coast Guard underscores our commitment to safeguarding our nation's maritime security. As a vital contributor, Russ Equipment plays a pivotal role in this mission-critical initiative, ensuring that the vessels entrusted with our nation's safety are equipped with the highest-quality systems and components.


Global Reach, Local Excellence


Our dedication goes beyond borders. Beyond our shores, Russ Equipment serves the needs of the US Military by providing aftermarket parts essential for the maintenance and repair of vessels worldwide. With a profound understanding of the importance of reliability and precision in such contexts, we stand as an unwavering partner to those who protect our waters.


Why Choose Russ Equipment?


  • Unparalleled Expertise: Backed by decades of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, delivering tailor-made solutions that meet the unique demands of the Marine & Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries.

  • Trusted Partnerships: Our roster of esteemed manufacturers reflects our commitment to delivering excellence. We represent the best, ensuring our clients have access to nothing but the finest products.

  • Innovation at Heart: We thrive on innovation, staying ahead of industry trends and advancements to provide solutions that redefine industry benchmarks.

  • National Security Partner: Through our involvement in critical programs and partnerships with the US Coast Guard and Military, we contribute to the safety and security of our nation's maritime interests.


Join Us in Defining Excellence


At Russ Equipment, we invite you to step into a world where innovation knows no bounds and quality is a non-negotiable standard. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge marine and offshore solutions or contributing to the safeguarding of maritime operations, we invite you to join us in shaping an industry defined by excellence.


Thank you for considering Russ Equipment. Let's set sail into a future built on trust, innovation, and the pursuit of greatness.


The Russ Equipment Team


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